Mechanical seal Type DS-CRH22

Suitable for Grundfos CR-Pumps

Mechanical seal “DYNAMICA” model DS-CRH22 is widely used for GRUNDFOS-PUMP. Balanced, cartridge O-ring seal unit with rigid torque transmission system. This seal type is assembled in a cartridge unit which makes replacement safe and easy. The balancing makes this O-ring seal type suitable for high-pressure applications.

The normal material combination include SiC/SiC/Viton/machined SUS.304 and TC/TC/Viton/machined SUS.304. We also can make changes as customers’requirement or totally design a new type of mechanical seal to meet clients’ needs.

These mechanical seals are used for stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.
They are suitable for use in Grundfos pumps :
CR32 / CRN32 / CR45 / CRN45 / CR64 / CRN64 / CR90 / CRN90 / CR120 / CRN120 / CR150 / CRN150